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All you need to know about us the FVRA

About The FVRA

The Findon Valley Residents’ Association (FVRA) is a group of local individuals who come together, elected by the local community who listen to the local residents to take on local issues within their power working with the locally elected councillors to help make Findon Valley a safe and prosperous place to live.

FVRA Committee Members

Our current trustees and members who are working tirelessly behind the scenes helping to improve and shape our local community into a more active, open and vibrant community to the benefit of our local residents, each member is tasked with their specific jobs to motivate and coordinate volunteers to become more active and participate in all different aspects of shaping Findon Valley.

The FVRA Committee Members

Lorraine Taylor

Chair / Trustee


Vice Chair / Trustee

Denise Edwards


Clive Sanders

Treasurer / Trustee

Neil Worsfold

Membership Secretary / Trustee

Matthew Ward

Environmental Officer

Paula Barnes

Schools Liaison Officer


Events Co-ordinator

Sean Philip


Terry Field


Chloe Paddock

Co-opted Member

Clive Sanders

Highways Officer