What We Are About

We act on behalf of all residents to protect our collective interests and surrounding countryside as well as maintaining and improving the local services already provided, forging close working links with the Councillors of both Worthing Council and West Sussex County Council, Tim Loughton our MP, and voluntary-run groups with similar FVRA aims. In addition we have an ongoing and very close working relationship with Vale School.

2016 was the 80th anniversary of the FVRA, one of the oldest residents’ associations across the UK.

To celebrate a Commemorative Oak Tree was planted on The Gallops. The FVRA continues to campaign hard to keep the Valley a beautiful place and look after the needs of its local community of people.

Commemorative Oak Tree Sampling planted on the Gallops
Commemorative Oak Tree

To allow both FVRA members and residents to ‘have their say’ we hold our Annual General Meeting (AGM) during the springtime. We invite Councillors and our local MP to attend, answering questions and listening to diverse points of view. The Annual General Meeting takes place in March/April, during which Officers and Committee Members are also elected.

If you’re as passionate as us about Findon Valley and our community and you’re keen to be involved in being on our team to ‘make things happen’, please email or contact the chair at FVRA

Tim Loughton MP is an Honorary Member in recognition of his outstanding contributions and longstanding, loyal support of the FVRA and the Valley community.