Ukrainian Humanitarian Project

We have been asked by local resident Richard Johns to highlight his planned Ukraine humanitarian project, and if anyone would wish to help fund this, the crowdfunding link is the button below. We wish him the very best of luck with his long and potentially hazardous journey.

I will be travelling out to Ukraine on 13th December in a van loaded with small petrol generators. 12 have been ordered and 6 have already been delivered. I am organising this with a lady that stayed with us for 6 months, Tanya, under the government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme. She has since gone back to Kyiv but while she was here her daughter, Alina, attended The Vale School for some months.

I have space in my van for more generators and have launched a crowd-funding appeal to raise more money to purchase another 6 generators. I would like to ask that you make the residents of Findon Valley aware of this appeal by clicking on the button below.

Many Thanks
Richard Johns