A24 Cycle Route

Latest information on the A24 Cycle Route

We thought residents would be interested in this information from the County Council.

[released 26 August]
A significant stretch of the route will be off-carriageway and on the eastern side of the A24, with the rest on quiet, residential roads.

The route will divert from the A24 behind the Findon Valley shops on-carriageway via May Tree Avenue and Lime Tree Avenue. The cycle route here will comprise traffic signage and cycle road markings only.

The scheme will be built in five phases, with the first starting on Tuesday – subject to unforeseen factors, such as severe weather.

Phase 1 High Street to Cross Lane.
Phase 2 Junction works at Cross Lane/A24 junction.
Phase 3 Junction works at Nepcote/A24 junction.
Phase 4 Nepcote to May Tree Avenue.
Phase 5 May Tree Avenue/ Lime Tree Avenue.

Single traffic lanes will be maintained on the dual carriageway A24 Findon Bypass for most of the project. Some tree works, carriageway surfacing, and kerbing works will require temporary traffic lights for the protection of both the public and workforce. These periods will be kept to a minimum and at off-peak times, where possible.

Construction of the shared path will require temporary closures to the eastern footpath along the A24 while works progress. However, the works will be done in phases to limit the closure lengths and the western footpath will remain open to pedestrians throughout.

A West Sussex County Council spokesperson said: “Construction projects such as this will involve some short-term disruption, for which we apologise.

However, we will work with the contractor to try to minimise inconvenience as much as possible and the long-term benefits of a 2km-long cycleway/walkway route off the A24 are clear and it was identified as a priority in the West Sussex Walking and Cycling Strategy 2016-2026.

The project is scheduled to finish in mid-January 2023.